Ceredigion MS welcomes the introduction of the Agriculture Bill

This week the Agriculture Bill was introduced at the Senedd. This is the first Agriculture Bill ever to be created specifically for the agriculture sector in Wales, informed by contributions and consultations with farmers and businesses.

Elin Jones MS said: ‘I’m pleased that this Bill has been introduced. I urge farmers and everyone working in the agriculture industry in Ceredigion to take time to consider the Bill and how it will work for their business. The introduction of the Bill is the first step in creating the legislation and there will be opportunities to put forward amendments as part of the process. I would be grateful to hear your views.

I would also urge farmers and those working in agriculture in Ceredigion to take part in the consultation on the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme. The consultation is still open until the end of October, and feedback can be presented through the website (Sustainable Farming Scheme | GOV.WALES).’

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  • Branwen Davies
    published this page in News 2022-09-30 17:08:08 +0100

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