Elin Jones welcomes confirmation of long awaited shared-use path

Following a long standing campaign by Elin Jones MS and local residents, Elin is pleased to have received confirmation that plans are underway to create a shared-use path connecting the village of Dole to Bow Street, on the A487.

The letter from the Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS, details how a scheme has been developed and designs for the new path have been made. Discussions are now underway with local landowners, and following successful completion of these talks, it is hoped that work could possibly begin early in the next financial year, subject to budget availability.


Elin Jones MS said: 'This is a very positive confirmation by the Minister that plans are now well advanced to create a footpath from Dole to the larger village of Bow Street. Residents have long been campaigning for such a safe route so that they can walk and cycle safely to school and to the services at Bow Street. The A487 is a very busy road and it is impossible to walk or cycle safely on such a road.


I'm also pleased that the plans include a formal bus stop at the junction with Dole for the use of school buses, as well as public service buses. It has been a dangerous crossing point for both school children and others using the Aberystwyth buses at Dole.'

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