Ben Lake MP encourages constituents to contact their electricity supplier if they haven't received their Alternative Fuel Payment

The Alternative Fuel Payment portal for all off-gas grid premises who have not received their £200 payment automatically has opened this week for applications. 

All off-gas grid premises who use alternative sources of fuel to heat their properties are eligible for the Alternative Fuel Payment. 

Households without a direct relationship with an electricity supplier, or households in an area whereby the majority of premises in the post code are connected to the mains gas grid are expected to apply for the Alternative Fuel Payment via an online portal. 

It has also come to light since the online portal was launched that some households who do have a direct relationship with an electricity supplier will need to apply for the support, as some postcode details have not been supplied to the energy companies. Ben Lake MP is encouraging all off-grid premises to contact their electricity suppliers to clarify whether they need to apply for the support if they not yet received the £200 payment.

Ben Lake MP said:

“It cannot be fair that constituents who have to apply for this support through the portal should be denied the payment because they bought some of their fuel before September 2022, when others will receive the payment auromatically. 

“I hope the UK Government will realise the need for some discretion in this instance, and ensure that people do not miss out on this payment due to an arbitrary cut-off date.

“My other concern is that the postcode details of a number of off-grid homes in Ceredigion were not supplied to energy suppliers for various reasons, and as a result they did not receive the Alternative Fuel Payment automatically. 

"I fear that those who have a direct relationship with an electricity supplier will have taken it for granted that they will receive the payments automatically, as per UK Government advice. It now appears that some will need to make an application after all, and I would encourage all off-grid households in Ceredigion to contact their electricity supplier if they have not yet received their payments to clarify whether they need to apply for the payment through the online portal. 


"It is vital that the Government takes urgent steps to make sure that everyone who needs to make an application knows that before the scheme concludes." 

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