Angharad Shaw: Lledrod



  • Lived most of her life in Ponrhydygroes, working in Aberystwyth University, chapel organist.
  • Known for my regular analysis of Covid figures for Wales and Ceredigon (#Covid19Cymru on Twitter; Newyddion S4C; Senedd expert witness).
  • Regional list candidate for Plaid Cymru, 2021 Senedd elections.

Why vote for Angharad?

"Under the current Westminster government, our communities are struggling.  Farming subsidies have been lost through Brexit, and the promised equivalent from Westminster has not been forthcoming.  Rural shops and pubs are under pressure.  The hearts of our villages need protecting.

Tourism is both a blessing and a curse to us.  It’s a source of income and yet an issue for housing and other resources.  Covid has served to highlight the poor broadband insfrastructure in rural Ceredigion.

But there are things we can do.  Together, through our Plaid-run council and power-sharing agreement in Cardiff, we have leverage.  We can, and we must, be better."

Angharad's priorities

"It’s not an easy time for rural communities.  We need to takle the conflicting strains of 

  • Housing for local people, and tourism;
  • Rural employment, and the poor state of the economy;
  • Farming and the countryside, and loss of farming income, with big companies buying land to offset their carbon footprint by planting forests
  • Financial cuts imposed on local authorities, and road maintenance, schools, library access and sports and leisure facilities.

These issues hit rural areas in particular.  I will always stand up for our interests.  The village hubs, which have taken a hammering during Covid need to be protected; shops, pubs, cafes, the centres around which our communities come together.  And we need the digital infrastructure in place so that, whatever happens in the world beyond our control, we have reliable, fast access to what we need."


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07896 049153

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