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Elin Jones AM & Ben Lake MP slam NatWest Mobile Banking arrangements


Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP have slammed NatWest’s proposed Mobile Banking arrangements for both Cardigan and Lampeter following the imminent closure of the town branches by July 2018.

It was recently announced by NatWest a Mobile Banking service would be present at Cardigan every Thursday from the 17th of May for 45 minutes and every Tuesday in Lampeter for 45 minutes from the 15th of May. The Mobile Banking service would also be accompanied by the services of a Community Banker available at both towns for one day a week, and a designated ‘TechXpert’ official for both communities.

Elin Jones, Assembly Member for Ceredigion said:

“The offer made by NatWest of a weekly 45-minute slot for banking at both Cardigan and Lampeter is nothing short of an insult to the loyal customers of NatWest, who in many instances have banked with their local branch for generations.

“The mere 45-minute window is significantly shorter than the service currently provided in nearby towns such as Newcastle Emlyn, and I have already had several constituents raise concerns as to the privacy and capacity of services available at such Mobile Banks.”

Ben Lake MP, who recently introduced a Ten Minute-Rule bill at Westminster to prevent the downgrading of banking services in rural communities, added:

“Both Elin Jones AM and myself have been clear from the start that we feel the closure of the branches in Cardigan and Lampeter is unnecessary, and this most recent announcement by NatWest adds further insult to injury. Such a weekly skeleton service is unlikely to cater for the banking needs of most of the users in these communities, who must face a significant journey to either Aberystwyth or Carmarthen – particularly inaccessible for both small businesses and elderly customers.”

Both Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP have since written to Jon Cooper, Managing Director of NatWest for South West & Wales region, expressing their concerns at such service, however NatWest have indicated that they will be continuing with the proposed arrangements.

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