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"I live and farm on Synod Uchaf farm, Synod Inn. The two girls will be the 6th generation to live and hope to farm on this family farm. I am a governor of Llannarth and Bro Sion Cwilt primary schools, a community councillor on Llannarth and Llandissilio GoGo Community Council and a former member of New Quay Coastguard. I am also a member of the Bois Y Gilfach singing party, a member of St Marc's Gwenlli Church and, although it was postponed for 2 years, I am chair of the Ceredigion Eisteddfod campaign committee for the Llannarth ward. I am also a leader of Caerwedros Young Farmers’ Club, as well as being a trustee of Caerwedros hall. During the Covid lockdown, I delivered goods - whether food or medicine - in the area and co-ordinated other volunteers to do this same vital work in other areas within the ward. I also volunteered to help out with the authority as part of a Covid emergency response should the situation have worsened."

Why vote for Bryan?

"I have now been a county councillor for 10 years for the Llannarth Ward and have had great satisfaction in doing the work. I have a good knowledge of all the villages within the ward, from Synod Inn to Gilfachreda, Llannarth to Mydroilyn and up to the edges of Dihewyd and Gorsgoch where the boundary of the next ward is. I have a good relationship with officers of the authority which is good when reporting complaints or problems within the ward. There are many challenges facing the countryside at the moment, so I have the confidence and passion to stand up for the area I represent and hope to make a difference for the benefit of the Llannarth ward and rural Ceredigion and ultimately for Wales."

Bryan's priorities

"Boosting the rural economy is a priority for me. If there are very good work opportunities in the area, then this will attract and retain the young people in our areas. With this, they need a place to live, and as a member of Ceredigion's Development Control committee, I want young people to have the opportunity to buy or build a lifelong home in the community where they grew up. The community element is very important to me, but also important to all residents of the area, whether young or old. That was demonstrated clearly enough during lockdown where members of the area's Young Farmers' Club or members of the churches or chapels were willing to volunteer to help others. With the funding cuts that unfortunately face us as a county, this community element is going to be even more important. The A487 runs through the Llannarth ward and I am often in contact with the Trunk Road Agency to put pressure on them to make this dangerous road safer."

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