Elin Jones calls for businesses ‘falling through the support net’ to make themselves known


Elin Jones, Assembly Member for Ceredigion has called on businesses in Ceredigion who have not yet been aided by previously announced COVID-19 business support schemes to make themselves known.

Ahead of further expected announcements by the Welsh Government, Elin Jones and fellow Plaid Cymru politicians are bringing together a list of scenarios and types of businesses that have currently found themselves ineligible for support.

Elin Jones said:

“All aspects of Ceredigion’s economy is important and must be supported. Many of the announcements by the Welsh and UK Governments are keeping businesses afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, however many businesses have fallen through this support net.

“Many farming businesses have found difficulty in accessing support, as well as businesses who do not pay VAT and businesses where the owners pay dividends to themselves rather than taking a wage.

“Plaid Cymru hopes to see an announcement soon about further support to businesses currently unable to access the funding and help they need. If your business is having difficulty in accessing support, then please feel free to email me and I would be happy to raise your case with the Welsh Government.”

To contact Elin Jones, email: [email protected]

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