A way must be found to protect Bronglais bus routes

The reports that the Park and Ride is at risk is concerning, and has come as a shock to people who are frequent users of this service.

Elin Jones said; "I know of many people who rely on this service to get to the front door of Bronglais because parking is so problematic in the Penglais and Caradog Road areas. A lot of local people use this bus too to go around town and we need to ensure their needs are met by ongoing services. All of these issues need to be fully considered before any final decision is taken.
All organisations, the Health Board and Council in particular, need to ensure that the vital service of Bronglais Hospital transport is not lost. There must be full consultation on the future of the Park and Ride routes, and it’s important that a service that meets the needs of outpatients and visitors to the hospital continues."


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