Local politicians call for urgent resuscitation of Ceredigion bus services

Elin Jones MS and Ben Lake MP have expressed their concerns at the recently announced reductions in rural bus services across Ceredigion and have called on the Welsh Government, the local authority and commercial bus operators to work together to identify ways to maintain bus services in this time of reduced budgets.

Mid Wales Travel recently announced that it has been forced to reduce the 512, 301 and 304 routes from the 31st of January. These services are operated on a commercial basis and are not currently subsidised by Ceredigion County Council.

The 512 has been cut from an hourly service of eleven buses, to six buses per day. The 301 is down from an hourly nine buses to four per day. And the 304 is down from an hourly service of nine buses to five per day.

The 585 service between Aberystwyth and Tregaron, currently operated by Evans of Tregaron and subsidised by Ceredigion County Council, has also been reduced in recent weeks.

Ms Jones and Mr Lake are also calling on the Welsh Government to re-introduce the pre-pandemic T1 and T5 service timetables, with hourly services from Monday to Saturday, and two-hourly Sunday services.

Elin Jones MS said:

“We know that passenger numbers have been in decline across Wales over the past decade. This pattern was severely compounded by the Covid pandemic, which has ultimately impacted on the viability of local bus services.

“But many of our constituents build their lives around local bus services, and some have no choice but to rely on public transport. The proposed timetable changes and reduced services will leave many communities with an inadequate bus service or in some cases will leave them completely isolated.”

Ben Lake MP said:

“We appreciate the challenging operating environment faced by local bus companies and the stringent budgetary constraints placed upon the Local Authority, but the impact of the reduced bus services on the elderly, young people, families and more, will be very disruptive. Whether it is the commute to work or the journey to school or a hospital appointment, our constituents rely on bus services for their essential daily travel.

“We accept that any solution will require a coordinated effort and investment from several stakeholders to help shape and influence the provision of bus services to ensure they meet the needs of individuals and communities across Ceredigion.”

Elin Jones MS added:

“We are calling on the Welsh Government, the Local Authority, commercial and community transport operators to come together to find sustainable solutions to more effectively deliver the bus services that people need and ensure that no area is left without any service at all.”

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