Ben Lake MP calls on Climate Minister to to take action for zero-emissions by 2050


Ben Lake the MP for Ceredigion is calling on the climate Minister to take action now to get the UK’s carbon budgets on track for zero emissions by 2050.  As a signatory to the Paris Agreement on climate change, the UK has a responsibility to play its part in cutting carbon emissions sufficiently to limit global warming to 1.5 °C. This means reaching zero carbon by 2050. However, at the moment the UK’s carbon budgets are aiming for just 80% cuts by 2050—and it is forecast to exceed those targets from 2023 onwards.

Ben Lake doesn’t think that’s good enough. Urgent action is needed now to ensure the UK reaches zero-carbon by 2050, and contributes to cutting global emissions sufficiently to avoid dangerous levels of climate change. If left unchecked, the heatwaves, droughts, rising sea levels and stronger storms brought by rising temperatures will become a serious threat to human wellbeing and global stability.

As well as being good for the planet, the transition to the zero-carbon economy also has huge potential to improve the lives of UK citizens, with warmer homes, cleaner air, and green jobs. It’s not the case that the UK has to choose between protecting the climate, and supporting the economy. Research has found that rapid global action on climate change would bring a direct economic gain of US$26 trillion globally by 2030. [1] The UK must act to seize the benefits of decarbonising the economy and protecting our planet.

Ben Lake said: “I’m calling on the climate Minister, Claire Perry, to take action now to ensure the UK fulfils its commitment under the Paris Agreement and gets on track for zero-carbon by 2050. We urgently need to start planning now if we are to reach this target and protect our climate."

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