Minister urged to take action on Ceredigion Broadband

Elin Jones, Assembly Member for Ceredigion, has pressed the Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James AM, to act swiftly on the roll out of Broadband in Ceredigion.


Figures revealed by the Welsh Government last month showed that a gap has appeared between Ceredigion and the rest of Wales in the rollout of superfast broadband.

Elin Jones held an urgent meeting with the Minister last week to discuss the figures which showed Ceredigion placed at 21 out of 22 areas funded by Superfast Cymru, and that only 60% of eligible properties had been installed with Superfast Broadband by June 2016, compared with much higher figures in other rural areas.

Elin Jones said:

“I was glad to meet with the Minister and impress the importance and need for superfast in Ceredigion. It's not right that Ceredigion should be so far behind in the roll out when similar areas such as Pembrokeshire and Gwynedd have achieved such a high figure by comparison.

“Ceredigion needs to catch up with other areas in Wales, and therefore the next few months are critical to enable that to happen. BT Openreach is meant to roll out a programme of fibre to the premises to many of the remaining communities in Ceredigion. The minister agreed that Superfast Cymru needs to serve Ceredigion better, and I look forward to seeing marked improvement over the next coming months.

“I still urge people who are experiencing difficulties to contact my office, so that I can draw their individual problems to the attention of the Minister.”

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