Public meeting calls on Welsh Government to improve Ceredigion Broadband

Meeting arranged by Elin Jones and Ben Lake raises concerns with Minister and Openreach, directly.



A packed public meeting, arranged by Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP, was held in Llanarth this week, calling on the Welsh Government to take action on broadband in Ceredigion. Over 150 people attended the meeting, which raised many issues covering Broadband directly with the Welsh Government Minister, Julie James AM and representatives from Openreach.

Julie James, responded to many issues from the floor regarding the lack of availability of broadband throughout the county, which currently only is 77% connected to superfast broadband.

Elin Jones, who chaired the meeting, said:

"I was very glad to see the Government Minister responsible for rolling out Broadband throughout Wales get to Ceredigion and meet with constituents. People feel misled by Openreach over this issue, so I was glad that questions were directly raised with them regarding businesses and homes that are struggling with slow internet speeds as well as no internet at all in many cases.

"Individual issues raised included lack of internet connections for farmers, small businesses and disability claimants, all of whom need to access a secure, stable and reliable internet connection.

"Capacity issues in Ceredigion were also covered, and many people raised very specific issues with Openreach. There was also a discussion on alternatives from other local broadband providers.

"The Minister outlined the next stages of broadband rollout and I will continue to make representations ensure that Ceredigion is a priority in this."


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