Fflecsi Bwcabus announcement a devastating blow to our rural communities

On Friday last week, the Welsh Government announced that the Fflecsi Bwcabus service will stop operating at the end of October this year, due to a lack of funds. 

The service operates across the most rural parts of Ceredigion, providing an essential way for residents without access to cars to reach other towns for work, shopping and medical treatment and essentials. Now, due to a lack of funding available from the Welsh Government, residents are once again facing more uncertainty about bus travel in Ceredigion.

Ben Lake MP said:  “It is deeply disappointing to hear the announcement about the Bwcabus service coming to an end. Whilst passenger numbers may seem low on paper, the reality is that this service in Ceredigion is a lifeline to those who use it.

The Welsh Government needs to prioritize the funds they do have to ensuring we’re not preventing our residents from being able to do the essentials in life, such as travelling to work, accessing medicines and food. We call on Lee Waters MS, the Welsh Government Minister for transport to review this situation urgently, we need to somehow find the funds to keep this connecting service alive.”  

Elin Jones MS said:  “This is a devastating blow to passengers who completely rely on the Bwcabws, especially for those who have no other travel options. The Bwcabus for many is also the only link they have to other bus services, so it’s importance as part of the network here in Ceredigion shouldn’t be undervalued.  It’s crucial now that all the agencies involved come together to examine all available solutions to try to save this invaluable service.”  

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