Elin Jones calls for new law to guarantee range of services at Bronglais

Ceredigion Plaid Cymru candidate Elin Jones has put forward the bold proposal to enshrine in law the services that should be provided by full District General Hospitals such as Bronglais.


Elin has led moves to secure the long-term future of the vital general hospital for Aberystwyth, working with local doctors and campaigners to persuade the Government to put a stop to centralisation to Carmarthen.
Now, as well as proposing positive moves on staff recruitment and free care for the elderly, Elin has vowed to give people certainty about the future of their local hospitals.
Elin said;
“Everyone understands the need to have some highly specialised centres, there needs to be certainty about what services we can expect from Bronglais and other General Hospitals.”
She added; “Plaid Cymru’s manifesto contains a firm commitment to protecting life-saving services within one hour for everyone in Wales. This means full A&E and allied services at Bronglais. Elective surgery should also be available, as should other core services such as maternity and cardiac care.
“I’ve spent years fighting Bronglais’s corner. A law would guarantee these services for the future.”

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