Ceredigion farmers are right to worry about the future of the sector

Ceredigion farmers, like those across Wales, are right to worry about the future of the sector. Their protest in Aberystwyth was sincere, firm but noble and the numbers reflect the strength of farmers' feelings due to the challenges facing the agricultural sector in Wales. Many of the challenges arise directly from decisions by the Welsh Government and the Westminster Government.

Be it the Sustainable Farming Scheme, rising farm input costs, the undermining effects of Brexit and new trade agreements, NVZ regulations, failure to tackle TB in cattle - they are all hurting the industry. But when they all come together the cumulative effect is so much worse. 

As Ben Lake MP said in the protest on Thursday, "it's no surprise that farmers are angry" and Elin Jones MS backs that up by promising to take the calls to the Senedd on behalf of the farming community. 

No one knows better than farmers that they have a big part to play in helping tackle the climate crisis. That is why the industry has promised to achieve net zero by 2040 which is earlier than the Welsh Government's own target. Farmers are ready to meet the challenge, but that transition must be a just transition for those working in agriculture in the same way that it is much sought after for other sectors like the steel industry. 

Plaid Cymru has repeatedly argued that investing in our farming industry is an investment for Wales, with a profit of £9 for every £1 that goes into the industry. From the economy to food production, protecting our culture and language, and a key partner in tackling climate change - Labour must realise that Welsh farmers are key to Wales' success. 

Plaid Cymru Ceredigion stands alongside our rural and agricultural communities and will work together with those who are on the front line of the industry to protect the future of the family farm. Plaid Cymru will do everything we can to ensure that the Welsh and Westminster Governments change direction. 

There is less than two weeks to go on the Government's consultation on the Sustainable Farming Scheme - it is vitally important that Ceredigion farmers, their families and wider communities take advantage of the opportunity to have their say: Sustainable Farming Scheme | GOV.WALES

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