Ben Lake MP urges UK Government to support economic growth in rural areas


During his speech in the Finance Bill debate on Thursday 2 July, Ben Lake MP for Ceredigion, urged the UK Government to incentivise and support economic growth in rural areas.

During the second day of the Finance Bill’s report stage, MPs considered amendments and new clauses relating to tax reliefs.

Ben Lake MPs’ probing amendment challenged the UK Government’s commitment to ‘levelling-up’ every nation and region of the UK. 

In his speech Mr Lake stated that public funding for research and development, public spending on transport infrastructure in addition to venture capital is significantly concentrated in London and the South East region of England. 

Ben Lake MP said:

“Over the past decade economic development has concentrated on better connecting rural areas with the economic ‘engines’ of the big cities, as opposed to incentivising and supporting economic growth in these rural areas themselves.   

“Such a centralised model has inevitably concentrated economic activity in London, and as a consequence, the economic potential of other areas has been overlooked.

“Modern, advanced economies such as Germany, the Netherlands and even the USA succeed in ensuring a better geographic spread of economic prosperity, and when we eventually move towards a post-Covid economy, the UK Government must make a concerted effort to re-balance economic growth throughout the UK.”

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