Elin Jones presses the case for equal access to 5G across Ceredigion with Ofcom


Ceredigion AM, Elin Jones has written to the chief executive of Ofcom, calling for equal access to 5G technologies in Ceredigion, and across the UK’s nations.

Ofcom has recently undertaken a consultation on the availability of telephone signal, in which it proposes to condone unequal access to phone signal and coverage across the UK. Under these plans the varied minimum coverage for each UK nation would consist of: at least 90% coverage in England and Northern Ireland; at least 74% coverage in Scotland; and at least 83% coverage in Wales.

In her letter to Sharon White, the Chief Executive of Ofcom, Elin Jones AM said:

'Writing as an Assembly Member representing a constituency with amongst the worst phone signal and Superfast Broadband coverage in the UK, I am particularly concerned that this disparity which Ofcom is condoning will only leave the communities like that which I represent in a poorer situation.

'Rural telephone and internet connectivity in the areas surrounding Ceredigion’s towns is poor. Even after the Welsh Government’s latest broadband rollout, 20% of properties in Ceredigion will be without Superfast Broadband.

'Ceredigion is home to two universities, and has a very large agricultural base. Many farming businesses depend on digital accessibility for payment requirements. For these businesses, as for constituents in every corner of Ceredigion, expanding the signal that 5G networks could provide will allow constituents to access communications at a high speed level.

'With the advent of technologies providing an alternative to fixed fibre and Welsh Government grant funding for constituents to access these technologies, the availability of 5G to 90% of my constituents will make sure that living in a rural location is not a disadvantage in a modern, digital world.

'I welcome further discussion, and am particularly interested to hear whether in the current proposals, as set out, there will be a special dispensation to ensure that rural locations are not left at a disadvantage in the advent of 5G, but rather placed as a priority.'

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