Ceredigion MP calls on the Chancellor to provide emergency funding to frontline charities


More than 100 MPs and peers from across the political spectrum have urged the chancellor to provide emergency funding to frontline charities at risk of collapse.

The letter was sent to Rihsi Sunak, chancellor of the exchequer, after charities warned that the sector is set to lose billions of pounds and organisations are at imminent risk of collapsing. 

The letter called for emergency funding for those charities involved in the response to the coronavirus crisis, a "stabilisation fund" for all charities struggling financially, and confirmation that charities would be included in other business interruption measures. 

It told the chancellor that charities would be crucial in the coming months, but added: "Without an immediate injection of money, many charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises of all sizes will soon close. Funds are running out. 

"Crucially, the NCVO predicts that there will be a loss in the sector of £4.3bn in income over the coming 12 weeks. The figure could be far higher." 

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