Elin Jones AM calls for Electric Vehicle Charging Points in all of Ceredigion’s public car parks


Elin Jones AM has called for electric charging points to be installed in all public car parks owned by Ceredigion County Council and supermarkets throughout the county.

Elin has raised the need for more charging points with the Welsh Government, and learned that Local Authorities are being encouraged to apply for part of £29m extra funding to support the uptake of electric vehicles in Wales.

The AM is also calling on supermarkets who own many large car parks to consider Electric Vehicle charging points.

Elin Jones AM said,

“I welcome the additional funding for Electric Vehicle charging points. One of the main reasons we’ve not yet seen a big uptake in Ceredigion is the lack of places available throughout the constituency to charge vehicles.

“That’s why I’ve asked Ceredigion County Council to consider applying for the funding made available via the Local Transport Fund. There are many publicly owned car parks in towns and villages throughout Ceredigion that could be used for this purpose.

“There is also an opportunity for Ceredigion’s supermarkets to install charging points in their car parks, and I am writing to each one to Ceredigion to ascertain their plans for EV charging.

“If there are more charging points available, I’m sure people will feel more confident in using electric vehicles.”

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