Ben Lake MP supports Food Waste Action Week


Running to 7 March, Food Waste Action Week aims to mitigate the impact food waste has on the planet. 

Ben Lake MP has encouraged residents across Ceredigion to take part in the ‘Food Waste Action Week Challenge’ to ensure no edible food ends up in the bin.

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) says that Food Waste Action Week aims to empower people to make simple changes in how they manage their food to avoid it being wasted.  

WRAP reported that in total, 6.6 million tonnes of food waste comes from UK homes each year, at a cost of £14 billion.  

UK homes throw away 20 million slices of bread every single day. WARP stated that reducing this daily waste would do the same for climate change as planting nearly 5.3 million trees per year.  

Supporting #FoodWasteActionWeek, Ben Lake MP said: “Cutting food waste is not just about saving money. It is a vital part of the work we are doing to tackle climate change and protect our precious environment. Far too much food is thrown away, but we can take action to address this. Food Waste Action Week is a key opportunity to bring the whole food supply chain together, from farm to fork, to tackle this important issue.” 

Marcus Gover, CEO of WRAP added: “Climate change is happening now and is the greatest threat to our planet, and our future generations. We must act, fast. Wasting food has a huge contribution to global emissions but is often overlooked or ignored.

“We are so used to wasting food that we’ve forgotten its value, and the cost that feeding our growing global population has on the natural world. Food Waste Action Week is about empowering everyone to act because like it or not, we in our homes are the most significant part of the problem. So, it’s down to us all to be part of the solution too, and this is one environmental issue that we can all tackle, and with minimum effort”. 

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