Plaid Cymru promises publicly-owned full fibre broadband by 2025


Plaid Cymru has pledged to create a publicly-owned Welsh Broadband Infrastructure Company to guarantee access to full-fibre broadband to every home and business in Wales by 2025.

Ben Lake, Plaid Cymru’s candidate in Ceredigion, said that the current lack of connectivity is “restraining the rural economy in Wales, perhaps more than anything else”.

Not only has the UK Government failed, in practical terms, to outline how it will target hard-to-reach areas, it has also failed to outline where it would direct the money. In recent years, the UK Government has spent money to improve broadband infrastructure in three of the four UK nations, but not Wales. £150 million was handed to Northern Ireland to improve broadband connectivity as part of DUP-Conservative Government back-room deal. The UK Government found a further £10 million for full-fibre broadband in six trial areas across England and Scotland, but not rural Wales.

Plaid Cymru’s three-point-plan to eradicate brodband not-spots contains the following measures:

  • Cut the fibre tax - Fibre infrastructure currently has business rates applied to it, just like other commercial property. Plaid Cymru believes this discourages investment and should be rethought.
  • New builds fit-for-purpose - Too many new homes are still being developed without provision for fibre broadband. Plaid Cymru wants all new build homes to incorporate gigabit-capable internet connections.
  • Skills - A large number of engineers will be required to carry out all the work involved. Plaid Cymru would invest in training and skills for the industry to be able to meet the demand.

Commenting, Ben Lake said:

“Broadband, or rather the lack of it, is restraining the rural economy in Wales, perhaps more than anything else. Ceredigion is among the 10 worst constituencies for broadband speeds.

“Wales has the perceived benefit of being able to receive investment from the Welsh Government and the UK Government, but so far both have failed to outline how broadband will be delivered to large parts of our country. In fact, Wales has lost out on crucial investment time after time.

“Why should essential utilities, such as adequate broadband, be dismissed as luxuries for those who live in the countryside? If we are to make rural areas of Wales more practical places for businesses to locate and expand, and if we are to ensure that communities can fully benefit from the opportunities afforded by better digital connectivity, investing in broadband is crucial.

“If we are serious about improving connectivity as a key to supporting and sustaining those entrepreneurial, innovative and hugely important businesses then it is no use making broad brush, sweeping pledges. Ambitious targets must be backed up by parity of funding and practical solutions. That is why Plaid Cymru’s three-point-plan is essential to eradicate Wales of broadband not-spots by 2025.”

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