Jobs and economic opportunities top priorities for the future of Tregaron


Elin Jones AM & Ben Lake MP hold public meeting at Tregaron to discuss challenges and opportunities facing town

A public meeting organised by Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP identified the need for jobs and economic development as top priorities for the future of Tregaron.

The meeting was held on Thursday 24th of May 2018 at the Memorial Hall in Tregaron, and gave residents and businesses the opportunity to voice their views and concerns on both the challenges facing the town, and the opportunities for development over the coming years.

Tregaron, like many other towns across Ceredigion and west Wales has faced increased challenges over the recent years, and the public meeting followed on from a similar event organised by the AM and MP in Llandysul in late 2017.

The evening was chaired by Dewi Sion Evans, and the panel composed of both Elin Jones AM and Ben Lake MP, Gwern Evans of Rhiannon Cyf. and Gwilym Jenkins, chair of Tregaron town council. A particular emphasis was placed on engagement with the audience - with the hopes of hearing creative, practical and innovative ideas from the community for the town’s future.

A range of matters were discussed, from the frustration caused by the town’s recent loss of important services such as the swimming pool and banks, to the desperate need for more jobs and further economic development in the town and area as to sustain and attract the younger generation.

Reference was again made to the needed investment in broadband and digital infrastructure, as well as the many opportunities for the town to reach out to tourists by promoting the town’s cultural identity and its rich environment.

The evening also offered an opportunity for David Bennett on behalf of the Tregaron town council to report on a recent survey held locally on the priorities of local residents, and for Alan Haird of Ceredigion County Council to discuss the Welsh Government ‘Place Plans’ project, and support it could offer to Tregaron.

Speaking after the event, Elin Jones AM said:

“Like many other market towns in Ceredigion, recent years have been difficult for Tregaron - particularly due to the loss of many important services.

“However, despite such set-backs, there’s no denying that Tregaron has both the potential and enthusiasm to thrive – the recent outstanding success of Tregaroc festival is testament to this. I’m confident, with a little bit of hard work, we can utilise Tregaron’s rich history and unique identity and secure a prosperous future for the town and surrounding area.”

Ben Lake MP added:

“The meeting provided a welcome opportunity to hear the views of the residents of Tregaron and the surrounding area as to their priorities for future of the town. It was a very open and honest meeting, and while there are certainly challenges facing the town, there is a clear desire to build on potential opportunities.”

“Improving the opportunities for businesses to locate in the town, and attracting families to Tregaron were identified as clear objectives, and I now look forward to working with residents and authorities to realise these aims."

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