Ceredigion MP and AM call for greater "testing, tracing and isolating" after lockdown extension announced


Ben Lake MP and Elin Jones AM have said the focus must now be on “testing, tracing and isolating” after the UK Government confirmed the UK would remain in lockdown.  

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb confirmed measures would continue for another three weeks in today’s UK Government briefing. 

Ben Lake MP and Elin Jones AM have welcomed yesterday’s announcement. Mr Lake said the need to re-adopt testing and contact tracing was now “essential” to avoid “a second wave of infection” and “extended lockdowns”. 

Elin Jones added that there was a need for “assurances” that restrictions would only be lifted when all nations within the UK agreed and that the lockdown should not be lifted if Wales had not yet seen its peak. 

Ben Lake MP said:

“This is a welcome and overdue announcement from the UK Government. The advice is clear, restrictions should not be lifted until it is safe to do so. 

“The focus must now move to testing, tracing and isolating to help limit new outbreaks and the need for extended lockdowns. If we are going to come out of the lockdown without seeing a second wave of infection then re-adopting testing and contact tracing is essential.

Elin Jones AMadded:

“We also need assurances that the restrictions will only be lifted when all home nations agree to it. The lockdown should not be lifted if Wales has not yet seen its peak.

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