New Cardigan Hospital will have beds if Elin becomes Minister

Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru candidate for Ceredigion, has pledged that if she is appointed Health Minister after the Welsh elections on May 5, the new Cardigan hospital would incorporate inpatient beds.
Building work on the replacement for the old Cardigan Hospital is due to start within the next year. However currently, it’s intended that inpatient bed capacity will be outsourced to voluntary and private providers, with the new development housing a range of primary and community care facilities.


Elin Jones said,

“I’ve always believed that Cardigan needs a new hospital, not just a new health centre. Particularly in a rural area, it’s risky to contract bed provision out to other providers.

“There’s funding in place for the new development in Cardigan which would serve the Teifi valley and beyond. This is the opportunity to make sure that it provides the full range of services that the area needs, looking to the future."

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