Ceredigion MS supporting Welsh wool at the Senedd

Elin Jones MS for Ceredigion was pleased to attend the Welsh Wool Alliance’s special event at the Senedd last week, entitled “Wool – the new Welsh Gold”.

The event that was sponsored by Plaid Cymru’s Cefin Campbell MS, showcased a range of projects and commercial opportunities for the sector including demonstrating how Welsh Wool is being spun into gold, alongside innovative textiles, insulation, horticultural technologies and packaging.   

An announcement was also made during the event of the intention to establish a Senedd Cross party group (CPG) focused entirely on Welsh Wool - which will be used as an opportunity to promote the sector further, after successfully gaining support from all parties in the Senedd. 

Elin Jones MS said: “As a country that is well-known for our sheep population, we haven’t always used wool to its full potential, and so it was really good to hear of the positive progress being made by the Welsh Wool Alliance, as well as the exciting new commercial opportunities and products available. The Welsh Wool Alliance provides a collective voice for wool producers and they have a clear strategy for the future use of Welsh wool, which I will proudly support.”  

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