Kerry Ferguson: Ystwyth


Kerry's background

  • A business owner with a background in marketing and communications
  • Board member for Menter Aberystwyth, organising events in the town
  • A tutor for Aberystwyth Lifelong Learning Department
  • Current President of Ardal Aberystwyth Rotary Club
  • Aberystwyth Town Councillor
  • Mentor for Business Wales

Why vote for Kerry?

Hello! My name is Kerry Ferguson,  and I am putting my name forward as your county council candidate. I would be privileged if you were to put your faith in me, and elect me as your spokesperson, for Ystwyth Ward at Ceredigion County Council.

Growing up on a farm in North Wales, I understand the pressures and worries of rural life, as well as the beauty.  As a business owner, with a background in marketing and communications, I know that listening to people, and finding solutions is key . I want to see better, and more open and transparent communications  between Councillors and their residents, and I am already very active on both Facebook and Twitter to that end.

I have experience across a range of sectors – including running my own company in Aberystwyth for the past 9 years, a board member for Menter Aberystwyth organising events, a tutor for Aberystwyth University Lifelong Learning department, the current Llywydd of the Ardal Aberystwyth Rotary Club, a Town Councillor for Aberystwyth and a mentor for Business Wales. Community is at the heart of everything I do, and I will always listen to you, and help you.

What gives me the energy everyday is doing my best to make a difference, and I am always driven to do more. I sincerely hope I can rely on your trust to represent you as your County Councillor. I promise to always be transparent, to always communicate and to always listen.

Kerry's priorities

  • Encourage change
    • I want to encourage change over the next 5 years, to create a county council that works for you. I want to see a council that is proactive, and listens and communicates with its residents.
  • The local economy
    • Continue to work to improve and develop opportunities for local businesses to help strengthen the local economy. This includes working with the Senedd to improve business rates, and with Westminster to improve digital connectivity.
  • Environment
    • Continue to work with Ceredigion County Council to find better ways to tackle rubbish and refuse. Work with the community to celebrate and improve the local environment.
  • Health & Wellbeing
    • Work towards promoting the importance of mental health and wellbeing in rural areas. Help towards increasing the provision of services and support.
  • Communications
    • Increasing communications from the County Council and Councillors to you, especially in regards to policies and decisions directly affecting the ward and surrounding areas.
  • Children & Young People
    • Celebrate the benefits of rural schools, and work towards increasing the opportunities for children and young people in rural areas. Encourage increasing opportunities for young people to remain in rural Ceredigion.
  • Promote Our Local Area
    • I want to work on promoting our local area not only as a destination, but also as an area wealthy in local produce and products. Alongside this, it’s important to promote the Support Local campaign.


Contact details:
[email protected]
07792 196758


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