Elin Jones and Ben Lake: Lockdown message remains the same in Ceredigion and in Wales


Ceredigion must still stay home in order to save lives and protect the NHS.

Ceredigion’s representatives at the Senedd and in Westminster, Elin Jones MS and Ben Lake MP, have made a message of support for people in Ceredigion, highlighting that the lockdown rules in Wales will remain in place for at least another three weeks.

There has been much confusion over lockdown rules seemed to be relaxed by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson in his televised address on Sunday the 10th of May. However, the Welsh Government has the power to lift the lockdown in Wales, and the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford MS, had already announced a continuation of lockdown measures on the Friday before for a further 3 weeks.

In their message released on social media on Monday the 11th of May, Ben Lake and Elin Jones reminded constituents of the lockdown rules that are still in place, thanking constituents for their patience and compassion to each other.

Ben Lake MP said:

“We are now entering week 8 of movement restrictions due to Covid 19. The message remains the same in Ceredigion and in Wales – stay home, save lives and protect the NHS. There will be no change in this here for at least 3 weeks.

“As your representatives, we have been working to ensure that plans are in place to help secure the incomes for constituents and businesses. There is still more to do, with many still to receive financial support and many people still worrying about the future.

“Thank you to everyone for sticking to the lockdown rules, and for the compassion shown to each other. Thank you especially to the NHS workers, public sector workers and key workers. We are indebted to you.”

Elin Jones MS added:

“We know that these restrictions are tough - they are keeping families and friends apart from each other and they are creating all sorts of problems for businesses. But as the virus continues to spread, and people continue to die, we must continue with strict movement restrictions.

“Remember that you can still get in touch with me and Ben to raise any issue. We are still working on your behalf. Though the doors of our offices in Aberystwyth and Lampeter are not currently open, we are still on the other end of the phone, and contactable on email or Facebook.

“Stay at home to save lives and protect the NHS. And remember, we will get through this together.”


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