Mark Strong: Aberystwyth Morfa a Glais



  • Mark works at the National Library and lives in the ward with his family.
  • He has also been an Aberystwyth Town councillor since 2012 and is active in many local and national campaigns and takes part in community litter-picks and other voluntary efforts to improve the town.

Why vote for Mark?

"As you may know, I’ve been a county councillor for Aberystwyth North since 2012.

For this election the three county council areas of Bronglais, North and Central wards are being merged to form a single ward with two representatives, called Aberystwyth Morfa a Glais. I am one of the two Plaid Cymru candidates, alongside Alun Williams.

As someone who cares passionately about Aberystwyth I’m very keen to continue working for local residents as one of the representatives for the new ward. 

Please get in touch on email if you wish to discuss any matter and I hope you’ll be able to vote for me and Alun as your two Plaid Cymru candidates in this election. You will have two votes."

Mark's priorities

Mark is a strong advocate for the future of Aberystwyth and keen to continue working on improving the promenade, supporting town centre small traders and enhancing the environment and culture of the town.

Over the years he has worked successfully for:

  • Reduced speed limits and road safety for local residents.
  • New and improved routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users
  • Improvements to the town’s green spaces like Parc Natur Penglais and in North Road.
  • Continued maintenance and improvements for the promenade along its length from Constitution Hill to the harbour.

He has worked with local residents to address individual issues, where people have been in need of support. 

He has worked hard to improve public transport links for Aberystwyth, by both bus and train and wants to continue to improve the frequency and quality of services.

Mark is keen to ensure the town and University benefit from each other and supports continued investment by the University in its facilities in the town for the benefit of students and the local population.


Contact details:
[email protected]

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