Elin Jones welcomes new planning rules to improve mobile phone signal


From the 1st of April, planning rules about the size of mobile phone masts in Wales are being relaxed to improve mobile phone signal coverage. Masts of up to 25m will no longer need to go through the full planning permission, similar to the system that has been in place in England and Scotland since 2016.

Elin Jones AM, who has long campaigned for improved phone signal throughout Ceredigion, has welcomed the move, saying:

‘Lack of mobile phone signal has been a complaint from constituents for many years. In a rural area with many hills and mountains such as Ceredigion, we understand that taller phone masts are the only way to solve the problem of lack of signal.

‘These new regulations, allowing higher reaching phone masts, will make it easier for companies to provide phone signal to a wider area.

‘Along with this, I hope that the advent of new regulations will lead the way for smaller companies to access phone masts for broadband usage. Many companies are now able to provide broadband signal that can be broadcast from phone masts, and I urge the UK and Welsh Governments to work together to make these more accessible and allow Ceredigion to become better digitally connected.’

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