Better mobile phone coverage for communities across Ceredigion


EE have launched three brand new sites providing better mobile phone coverage in the communities of Cenarth, Capel Dewi and Pontsian. Until now, there has been a signal blackspot in these villages with local people, businesses and tourists all complaining about the poor connectivity.

Ben Lake MP took on the challenge of working with the mobile phone operators to urge them to look into the problem and invest in better coverage for the area.

Last week, EE announced that the three masts had been officially switched on which could see the three villages have reliable 4G coverage for the first time. EE’s 4G coverage is now in more places in Ceredigion than their 2G and 3G coverage. To make the most of the network, constituents are advised to use a 4G calling capable handset and plan.

EE continues to upgrade existing sites across mid Wales and are committed to installing additional capacity to support major events.

Ben Lake MP said:

“The quality of mobile phone signal in Ceredigion is a subject that is raised regularly with me, and so I was pleased to welcome EE to Ceredigion recently so as to discuss improving connectivity in rural Wales.

“The three new 4G masts will provide better coverage for the rural communities of Cenarth, Capel Dewi and Ponstian. For many years constituents in these rural villages have struggled to make and receive calls, and I hope that these new masts will mean better and faster connections.

“It is encouraging to see some progress in recent months in improving mobile signal and broadband speeds across Ceredigion. There is still more to be done, however, and so I will keep working to ensure everyone I represent is able to benefit from 21st century connectivity. Our communities deserve nothing less.”

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