Ben Lake MP praises Young Farmers' Clubs across Wales


Ben Lake, MP for Ceredigion, has tabled an Early Day Motion at parliament commending Young Farmers’ Clubs across Wales for responding so positively to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young Farmers’ Clubs across Ceredigion and Wales have been supporting their local rural communities during the Covid-19 outbreak. From delivering essential groceries and collecting prescriptions to walking dogs and checking in on the most vulnerable, YFC members have stepped up.

Ben Lake MP who tabled the motion said:

"I’m delighted to table this Early Day Motion in Parliament recognising the outstanding work carried out by YFC members in our rural communities during this pandemic. 

“The YFC is a grassroots organisation at the very heart of our rural communities, and over the decades its members have played an integral role in supporting and contributing to our rural way of life.

“I know that this act of kindness and the support provided by YFC members across the country will bring comfort to many vulnerable individuals at an extremely challenging time and I am extremely grateful to Young Farmers’ Clubs across Ceredigion and Wales for responding so positively to the current crisis.”

Lauren Jones, a member of Llanwenog YFC, has been volunteering in her local community as part of this initiative. She said:

"Firstly, I’d like to thank Ben Lake for recognising the young farmers federation’s hard work during this uncertain time. Ben Lake is as always very supportive of the organisation and I am glad that he is in support of our generosity to the communities once again. 

"As a federation we are very lucky of the support we receive from our local communities during the year, therefore these unprecedented times offer a valuable opportunity for us to show our gratitude. It is a pleasure for us as members to offer a helping hand and the sense of worth that we receive is a sure sign that our volunteering members are a vital service to the community."

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