Ben Lake MP calls on UK Government to honour promises made to west Wales


Highlighting failures on both tidal lagoon and rail electrification investment, Ceredigion MP calls on the Prime Minister to commit to the Mid Wales Growth Deal

In Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday Ben Lake, the Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, pointed to west Wales and the Valleys’ poverty compared to other areas of western Europe. Despite being among the most impoverished areas not only of the UK, but of western Europe, the UK Government has reneged on investment pledges made to Wales; on development of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and the electrification of the north Wales line as well as the mainline to Swansea. 

Ben Lake pressed the Prime Minister on the pledge for a Mid Wales Growth Deal. Promised in Autumn 2017, few details have come out about the deal as yet. Mr. Lake asked if the Mid Wales Growth Deal will “suffer a similar fate” to the rejected Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and rail electrifications, questioning whether the UK Government believes “Wales is simply not worth the investment?”

Ben Lake MP said:

“According to Eurostat figures west Wales and the Valleys is one of the poorest areas in western Europe, and yet the UK Government continues to renege on its promises to invest in vital infrastructure and development programmes across Wales.

“It is incumbent upon the UK Government to invest in Wales not only if we hope to weather the economic hit that Brexit will cause, but also to make good on decades of under-investment in the infrastructure and skills of west Wales. The Mid Wales Growth Deal must see a solid commitment from the UK Government if it is to succeed, and I welcome the opportunity to work with officials and neighbouring MPs to ensure that we finally receive our fair share of investment.”

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