Success for publishing industry campaign after Government u-turn

Elin Jones has welcomed an announcement by the Welsh Government that it is to abandon plans to cut over 10% from the budget of the Aberystwyth-based Welsh Books Council. According to the Deputy Minister for Culture, there will now be no cut at all to the budget.


The cut, had it gone ahead, would have had a major impact on the publishing industry, as well as booksellers, authors and others. The Welsh Books Council is responsible for grants to support publications in both English and Welsh, and for the marketing and distribution of books published in Wales.

The news came in a statement to the National Assembly, following on from a meeting at the Senedd, sponsored by Elin Jones, at which representatives of Welsh authors and publishing companies briefed AMs about the likely impact of the cutbacks on the publishing industry and the creative arts.

Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for Ceredigion, said;

"This change of heart from the Welsh Government is excellent news for printers and the wide range of people involved in literature and publishing. Such a large cut as was proposed in the draft budget would have had a major impact on the Books Council and publishers based in Ceredigion and throughout Wales.

"If one considers authors, bookshops, freelance editors and graphic designers the publishing industry is a very important employer. The grant to the Welsh Books Council supports not only literary culture within Wales a creative industry which is a major symbol of Welsh culture overseas.

"The recognition by the Welsh Government of the importance of the industry is most welcome. I congratulate all the authors and publishers who have led an excellent campaign on this issue."

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