Calls to reduce speed limit on the A487 between Cardigan and Penparc


Ben Lake MP, Elin Jones MS and Cllr. John Adams-Lewis have written again to the Welsh Government calling for urgent measures to be introduced on Myrtle Hill and the stretch of road between Cardigan and Penparc. 

Myrtle Hill bend has been the site of several accidents over the years, at a frequency that has seen it dubbed locally as ‘Killer bend’. During the final weeks of January 2020 alone, two serious accidents took place on the bend: one causing damage to a nearby telegraph pole, and another causing significant damage to a residential property.  Cllr. John Adams-Lewis and Ben Lake MP met with local residents following the accidents of January 2020 and subsequently wrote to the Welsh Government and the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency urging them to take action.

Since then, there have been a number of further accidents and near misses, with the most recent occurring on the 28th of May 2021 involving a lorry, which saw the road closed for several hours.  

This section of the A487 forms part of the National Cycleway, and has attracted a growing number of cyclists in recent years. The road is also used to pick-up and drop-off school children, despite there being no safe route or pavement for them to use. 

Elin Jones MS said: 

“This is a longstanding concern, but the situation has worsened in recent months due to both increased traffic emanating from the success of businesses situated between Cardigan and Penparc, and also the remarkable increase in tourism to the area. While both developments are to be welcomed, they nevertheless mean that there has been an increase in the number of motorists unfamiliar with the bend.” 

Cllr. John Adams-Lewis said: 

“The number of accidents and near misses are understandably a cause of severe concern for local residents, and especially the inhabitants of adjacent properties.  We have asked the Welsh Government to extend the 40mph speed limit from its current end at the junction of Cae Morgan, to the village of Penparc, so that it encompasses the bend and both approaches.”  

Ben Lake MP added:  

“We have also asked the Minister to consider extending the current pavement between the Cae Morgan junction and the Kelsion Boarding Kennels, which would effectively open up a 4.6 mile uninterrupted safe paethway linking the town of Cardigan with the villages of Penparc, Tremain and Blaenporth.” 


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