Response to the UK Chancellor's Statement: 20/03/2020


In response to the UK Chancellor's statement on 20 March 2020:

Statement from Ben Lake MP:

“The comprehensive package presented by the Chancellor today is a very welcome and very significant step in ensuring that workers don’t lose out financially due to the Coronavirus crisis.
“However, the self-employed, freelancers, sole-traders, and workers in the gig economy must be given the same level of support as employed workers. Up to £2,500 must also be available for the self-employed who will stand to lose customers or won’t be able to work.
“We still need clarity on what happens if companies go out of business due to the crisis and whether workers employed by those companies would stand to lose the 80% of their salary provided by the government.  
“Plaid Cymru’s call for a temporary emergency universal  basic income would ensure that everyone has guaranteed financial security for the duration of the crisis. That said, this is, at first glance, a welcome intervention in the economy at this deeply uncertain times.”

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