Safety on A44 is paramount, says Ceredigion AM

Elin Jones calls for action on Trunk Road safety fears


Ceredigion’s Assembly Member, Elin Jones AM, has called again for safety improvements on the A44 between Aberystwyth and Llangurig. The stretch of road is known widely for its frequent, diverse and heavy use, and has notably been the scene of several fatal incidents in recent years.

It’s nearly two years since the last minister for Economy, Science and Transport announced plans for a review into safety and committed to implementing ‘any subsequent recommendations’ on the A44. Since then, signage has been put in place in Capel Bangor, which has highlighted to motorists the need for caution near the village school.

But Elin Jones has told the current Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport, Ken Skates AM, that more attention to safety is needed along much more of the A44.

Elin Jones said:

“The A44 which is a vital route for Ceredigion residents and businesses all year round, and provides a vital part of the infrastructure of mid Wales.

“Research by the Road Safety Foundation found that the road was the most dangerous in Wales, and gave the road a 'risk rating' of 166.6% - the 5th highest of any in the UK.

“It’s hugely important for the mid wales economy that this road is improved. It is heavily used by articulated lorries and it is therefore important that there are sufficient safe overtaking opportunities for other vehicles. It’s time this road became a priority for Welsh Government.”

Elin Jones also asked the Cabinet Secretary for specific details of what the Welsh Government plans to implement in order to develop safety for the whole stretch of the A44 between Aberystwyth and Llangurig. 

Elin Jones later said:

“The A44 is a vital and unavoidable route for many people in mid Wales and safety on this busy stretch of road is paramount. I hope that the Cabinet Secretary will make moves to increase that safety, and I am prepared to work with him to secure this.”

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