Increased pressure on the UK Government to support subpostmasters through actions, not words


New focus has been placed on the need for the UK Government to support subpostmasters.  An EDM was tabled on 30th November, supported by Ben Lake MP, which “urges the Government to preserve their commitment to post offices by continuing to ensure Government services such as, but not exclusive to, passports, state benefits and DVLA remain available via the post office network."  

In the last 15 years, successive Governments have withdrawn services from the post office network in order to cut costs. This has created issues – for customers and for subpostmasters, whose income has been adversely affected. The importance of post offices is widely acknowledged – nationally and within local communities, especially for the vulnerable people who rely on post offices for the provision of these remaining Government services.

Currently, the Government intends to cease provision of the Post Office card account (POca) in November 2021. Rather than ending this service, Government should in fact look to enhance the service to ensure the most vulnerable people who rely on POca and might struggle to open a bank account are not left exposed to the risks of financial exclusion. 

Ben Lake MP said: 

“I am delighted to support this EDM and urge further support for subpostmasters. According to a recent survey by the National Federation of subpostmasters (NFSP), post offices act as an unpaid support mechanism for around 300,000 vulnerable people across the UK.  

He continued: “Post offices are the heart of the community and do so much to support people – this of course includes postal services, banking and bill payment – but they do even more to help customers such as preventing customers from falling victim to scams and fraudulent activity, guiding vulnerable customers through financial transactions, and signposting customers to Government, council and other public services.”   

“I therefore call upon the Government to recognise the support post offices provide to their local communities and commit to ensuring the post office network continues to provide vital Government services.” 

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