Ben Lake MP statement on Syria

Ben Lake said:

“The use of chemical weapons is simply unacceptable, and their use by the Syrian regime against innocent civilians is reprehensible. Any effort by the UK Government to prevent such atrocities must ensure a credible chance of bringing peace and stability to the country. I fear that the missile strikes of the weekend fall short in this regard, and, far from alleviating the suffering of the people of Syria, they instead risk a further escalation of the conflict.


“There are few graver decisions that a Government can take than that to deploy military force abroad, and consequently, the convention has emerged that Parliament should be consulted on offensive military action. It is a matter of great concern therefore that this convention was not observed prior to the UK’s involvement in air-strikes in Syria last weekend.

“The priority should be to stop such abuses, and alleviate the suffering of innocent people. The US have conducted a series of missile strikes in recent years, and yet the Assad regime continues to use chemical weapons against civilians. Given the failure of this strategy thus far, I am unconvinced that further air strikes will bring about a lasting peace in Syria or stop the use of chemical weapons, and believe that, in addition to pursuing renewed political pressure against the regime, stringent economic sanctions should be taken directly against individuals in the regime and its supporters to deter such abuses.”

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