Elin Jones' Aberystwyth - Cardiff Coach Campaign Success

Aberystwyth to Cardiff Bus service upgraded and fully reinstated following successful campaign by Elin Jones AM


After a long campaign by Elin Jones AM, the T1C bus, which travels directly between Aberystwyth and Cardiff, has been upgraded to a coach and now operates a full 7-day service at a much reduced journey time.

The T1C was cancelled over a year ago by the Welsh Government before Elin Jones intervened, calling on the Welsh Transport Minister to reconsider.

Elin Jones said:

“I'm so pleased to see that this campaign has been a success, and that the T1C has been returned with a full 7-day service in the form of a comfortable, accessible coach. It runs from Aberystwyth to Cardiff via Llandysul, linking with the Lampeter T1 service at Carmarthen.

“Many constituents had contacted me to share their concerns that after the service was initially reinstated, the bus that was put in its place was not safe, and lacked some inportant facilities like a toilet. I had gone on the bus myself a few times and found it to be an innaporpriate and unsafe bus for such a long journey.

“I am pleased that this new bus now has the comfort, safety and convenience that is expected by passengers on this important route, and that it also operates at a much reduced journey time. It's also accessible to older passengers and those using Concessionary Travel Cards.

“I urge everyone to make use of this service.”


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