Ceredigion YFC Member of the Year represents the next generation of farmers at Westminster


On 8 May, the Welsh Affairs Committee welcomed members of the Wales Federation of Young Farmers Clubs to provide evidence on the long-term future of farming and agriculture in Wales.

The outcome of Brexit negotiations will undoubtedly impact upon Welsh agriculture, and this evidence session gave YFC members a platform to share their views and to represent the next generation of farmers. The YFC members gave the Welsh Affair Committee insight into what they believe to be the challenges and opportunities facing young farmers as we transition from the EU. The members also emphasised the importance of developing a new agricultural policy that will allow farming businesses to be productive, profitable and progressive post-Brexit.

One of the members representing the Federation was Ceredigion and Wales YFC Senior Member of the Year, Cennydd Jones of Pontsian. An agricultural graduate from Aberystwyth University, Cennydd is presently vice-chairman of Pontsian Young Farmers Club and currently holds a lecturing post with Coleg Sir Gâr.

During the evidence session Cennydd Jones emphasised the importance of maintaining the ‘Farming Connect’ programme in Wales post-Brexit.

Mr Jones said:

“Farming Connect is such a valuable resource for the farming sector in Wales. It provides a vital support network for individuals, connecting those who want to pursue a career in the farming sector with those individuals who own the necessary equipment or machinery.

“The programme also keeps farmers up to date with the latest innovations in technology and scientific research allowing them to develop more efficient and innovative ways of working.

“Farming Connect is also a significant employer in rural west Wales, employing many young people who would otherwise potentially consider looking for work in Cardiff or more urban areas in Wales.”

Ben Lake MP, a member of the Welsh Affairs Committee said:

“It’s imperative that we take every opportunity to listen to those who will be most affected by any future change to agricultural policy. As such, it was an honour to welcome YFC representatives to Westminster and to hear their impressive contributions during the evidence session.

“I was especially delighted to hear the views of a young farmer from Ceredigion. Like many other rural areas across Wales, the vitality of the agriculture sector is key in Ceredigion if we are to keep hold of our young people. It’s vital now that we look to address the challenges that lie ahead in terms of progression in the farming industry so that we harvest a future for our young farmers.

Alongside the Farming Connect programme Cennydd Jones is also supportive of the Young People into Agriculture Scheme. The £6m scheme, secured by Simon Thomas AM as part of the Plaid Cymru budget deal with the Welsh Government, opened for applications on 9 May 2018. The scheme will offer start-up aid to high achieving individuals looking to establish a new business or develop an existing business.

Mr Jones said:

“Any scheme that encourages and supports young farmers as they look to setup an agricultural business is to be welcomed. With the right support, and alongside schemes such as the Young People into Agriculture Scheme, I know that our young farmers will bring innovation, new ideas and energy into the industry that will benefit Wales’ future generations.”

For further information on the Young People into Agriculture Scheme, click here.


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