Consultation on non-domestic tax rates opens

The Welsh Government has opened a consultation to seek feedback from those who pay non-domestic tax rates on the proposed changes to the rates.

The Government is proposing to improve the system by:

  • introducing more frequent revaluation cycles
  • improving the flow of information between Government and ratepayers
  • providing the Welsh Government with more flexibility to amend reliefs and exemptions
  • a review of reliefs and exemptions
  • providing greater scope to vary the multiplier
  • improving the administration of valuation functions

Whilst these proposals have been made alongside stakeholders, the Government has now opened a consultation process providing a chance for everyone who pays non-domestic rates to provide their feedback on the changes.

Elin Jones MS said: ‘I’m pleased the Welsh Government is looking to review the current business rate regime. Many businesses have been in touch with me with difficulties they faced under the non-domestic rates system, especially during the pandemic. It’s time for the system be improved, but this reform will only be worthwhile if it works for the businesses who pay the taxes too.

I urge businesses in Ceredigion to find the time to look at the proposed changes, and to provide their feedback through the consultation process online (Reforming non-domestic rates in Wales | GOV.WALES), before it closes in December.’

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