Yes to Renewable Energy, No to Giant Pylons

(PIC - technology is available which allows cables to be buried underground quickly and with minimal disruption)

"Renewable energy - yes; giant pylons - no;" that is the opinion of Plaid Cymru Councillors in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

The challenges of climate change are recognised by the Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire local authorities and both councils have declared climate emergencies and indicate that the effects of climate change are already being experienced locally.

Plaid Cymru Ceredigion and Carmarthen believe that we must all support the production of energy from various sustainable sources such as tidal, wind and solar energy and move away from fossil fuels and welcome initiatives that harness our green natural resources. More solar panels, wind turbines, etc. mean that the electricity grid must change, and new connections must be developed in order to carry the energy from the sources to our houses, villages and towns.

The best model for renewable energy is to feed it into a local grid so that local people can use the energy they see being produced on their mountain, their river or local building. Unfortunately, until those systems are operational the electricity must be carried from the source and exported to other areas across Wales or England. In the counties of Ceredigion and Carmarthen new wind farms are planned and the electricity producing companies intend to carry the electricity from turbines/solar farms on huge pylons across the two counties.

Although welcoming renewable energy, Plaid Cymru Councillors are calling on these companies to rethink their plan to install pylons along parts of Ceredigion and Carmarthen.

"Developers must install cables underground as part of their distribution network," said Ceredigion County Council Leader, Bryan Davies. "I fully support the intention to develop renewable energy in Ceredigion taking advantage of our natural resources including water, wind and the county's sun.” 

“At the moment, the emphasis is on using wind energy and the necessity to use wind turbines, but we cannot agree with the intention to install pylons along large parts of the County. Like my friend Darren Price, Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, my request to the company is simple. They need to commit to putting these cables underground."

The Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, Councillor Price, says:

"Residents across Carmarthenshire remain united in their opposition to these pylons and as Leader of the Council I stand with them. We know that putting these cables underground is not only possible, but that we have a company here in Carmarthenshire that can do just that.” 

“My request to Green GEN is simple. They need to commit to undergrounding these cables."

Councillor Eryl Evans, who represents the Llangybi area, said, 

"Energy must be carried from Ceredigion in the best possible way. I am pleased that so many local people have contacted me and Plaid Cymru to express their concerns about the pylons. I understand and sympathise with those concerns. I also don't see farmers in this area keen to see giant pylons across their fields. It could also negatively affect the tourist industry by impacting our magnificent scenery."

Having seen a local company showing how cables could be buried, Eryl Evans is convinced that this is the way forward in order to protect the landscape while producing renewable energy. "Turbines could be with us for years and now is the time to ensure the best plan for Ceredigion and one that does not negatively affect our areas."

Councillor Keith Henson, the Ceredigion Cabinet member with responsibility for Carbon Management, explained,

"It is good to see that more renewable energy being produced in our county, but we also need to protect our landscape and wildlife. There are options other than pylons - there are various ways of burying cables for example - so we have to press electricity production and energy transport companies to underground all cables across Ceredigion and Carmarthen."

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