What next for Lampeter?


Ben Lake held the second in a series of public meetings in Lampeter to discuss the future and prosperity of the town on Friday, September 13.

The meeting was well attended, with business owners, town and county councillors, representatives of organizations, representatives from the University, local police and residents of the area being represented.

In small groups, and with Ben Lake facilitating the evening, Lampeter’s assets were listed and how those assets could help the neighbourhood create and build on the town's identity and brand. It was generally agreed that the University, language and culture, the Quilt Centre, natural resources and the diversity of the town's composition were its main assets.

Consideration was also given to the challenges facing the town due to several factors including outward migration of young people, cuts to public services, changes in shopping habits and socializing. The main challenges identified were the lack of provision of local health and care services, parking and parking costs in the town, public transport infrastructure, lack of brown signage, lack of CCTV cameras and police presence in the evening, and the link between town and university.

The positive statement by the University's representative that constructive discussions had begun between the University and local partners which would strengthen its links with the town was welcomed. More details will be shared soon.

There was also a positive statement from the police stating that CCTV cameras would be reintroduced in Lampeter in a matter of months, as part of the Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Commissioner's pledge.

Ben Lake will raise many of the issues raised during the meeting with the relevant authorities over the coming weeks and months, but the main outcome from the meeting was the decision to create a partnership of stakeholders that would draw together the ideas and conclusions of this meeting and the results of the Lampeter Place Plans consultation, with support from the Local Authority, in order to create a future action plan.

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