Councillor group support event to remember children killed in Gaza

The Plaid Cymru Ceredigion Councillor Group welcomes and supports the event which will be held on the Prom in Aberystwyth on Saturday 27th April: The Pebbles Remember the Children who've been killed.

An event that will remember the children killed in Gaza since 7th October (also remembering the children killed in Israel on the 7th), by placing a small stone to remember each and every child lost in the massacre.


Alun Williams, Ceredigion and Aberystwyth Town councillor says:


“Nothing can excuse the appalling attack by Hamas on 7th October, but the Israeli Government's response has been completely disproportionate.”


“As someone who has been to Gaza, I find it hard to imagine that the places I visited, and where I encountered such welcoming people living in very difficult circumstances, have now been levelled completely with much of their population dead or starving.”


“What appears to be the targeting of children and families amounts to a war crime. The cycle of violence must end. There must be an immediate ceasefire and action by the international community to find a solution that respects humanity on all sides".


County councillor Endaf Edwards added:


“The UK Government must work to end this massacre.”


The lack of challenge to the Government of Israel by countries such as the United Kingdom, as they trample on international law with their military offensives against the population of Gaza is truly frightening. Inaction by the West risks undermining the entire rules-based international order.


Plaid Cymru has pointed out that civilians in Gaza are suffering terrible atrocities and every effort should be made to ensure de-escalation and lasting peace and our members of parliament have been working with other parties in Westminster to urge the UK Government to immediately suspend export licences for the transfer of arms to Israel. Liz Saville Roberts MP:


“The reality is that over 30,000 people have died, and millions are starving. Yet the UK Government continues to allow the supply of weapons, continuing the killing.”


A number of Plaid Cymru councillors will be present on the Prom, Aberystwyth on Saturday, among them will be Cllr. Catrin M S Davies:


“I support what has been said many times by our member of parliament Ben Lake which is that we are calling for an immediate unconditional ceasefire. Since 7th October more than 32,000 people in Gaza have been killed and 13,000+ of those are children (source: Reuters). I intend to be present to support the event, to mark the atrocities in Gaza, to call for a ceasefire but also to support the tireless work that is being done by a very active group of local people on behalf of Peace in Action.”


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