Ben Lake MP backs campaign to curb pavement parking


Ben Lake MP has met with representatives from the charity Guide Dogs to lend his support to their campaign pressing the UK Government to introduce new laws to tackle inconsiderate pavement parking on high streets.

Recent statistics from the charity show that 97% of blind and partially sighted people experience problems with street clutter, including wheelie bins, advertising boards, and especially cars parked on pavements. Such obstacles can cause particular danger to blind, and partially sighted individuals, who are often forced to risk their lives by walking onto the road just to get by.

The Guide Dogs charity are calling for a standardised law across the UK that would make it clear that pavement parking should be the exception on busy streets, not the norm, and for increased powers to be made available to local authorities to address persistent problems.

Ben Lake MP said:

“I am pleased to give my support to the Guide Dogs campaign to bring to an end inconsiderate pavement parking, which can have a terrible impact on the blind and partially sighted, and a nuisance to parents with prams, wheelchair users, and elderly pedestrians”.

“I hope the UK Government will introduce the necessary amendments to the Road Traffic Act 1988 so that local authorities across the UK are empowered to take action where necessary to address instances of inconsiderate pavement parking.”

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