101 things

101 things Ben has done for Ceredigion


1. Held a series of successful public meetings in Llandysul, Tregaron and Lampeter to support and promote efforts to regenerate local economy and our communities

2. Contributed to the Mid Wales Growth Deal discussions and preparations

3. Commissioned a report on a preferred future funding model for Wales after leaving the EU

4. Supported efforts to end the public sector pay cap and give NHS workers the pay rise they deserve

5. Consistently voted against reducing central government funding of local government

6. Consistently voted for measures to reduce tax avoidance

7. Called for the overhaul of the small business rate relief scheme – to help small businesses in Ceredigion

8. Been an active member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment

9. Led on calls supporting the current small brewers’ relief, and called to introduce tax relief for small vineyards

10. Called on the UK Government to introduce an ‘Amazon Tax’ that would increase the tax large online businesses are paying


11. Continuously fought for greater investment in broadband and mobile infrastructure – allowing residents and businesses to benefit from 21st century connectivity

12. Voted against new high-speed rail infrastructure (HS2) – calling for greater investment in Welsh railways, stations and carriages

13. Called for the installation of a network of electric vehicle charging points across Wales

14. Successfully supported a range of Parliamentary efforts calling on a collaborative ‘Shared Rural Network’ solution that will significantly improve 4G coverage in rural areas.

15. Supported and advanced the reopening of the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen railway line and a more integrated transport network in west Wales

16. Called for greater investment in community transport services that helps people access vital public services

17. Worked alongside rail companies to encourage more disabled people in Ceredigion to travel by train using the Disabled Persons Railcard

18. Opposed the closure of Lampeter Driving Test Centre

19. Supported local action group in their efforts to open a new cycling route between Lampeter and Tregaron

20. Backed calls for passengers to receive fully automatic compensation for train delays and cancellations

21. Opposed de-staffing and cuts to railway station staff and ticket offices – promoting the benefits to passengers of fully staffed stations

22. Consistently challenged the Welsh Government and Transport for Wales on their poor, overcrowded service along the Cambrian Line

23. Supported local efforts to develop local integrated travel connections in Penparcau, Bow Street and across Ceredigion – connecting foot, road, cycling and public transport


24. Urged Government Ministers to bring justice to 1950s women regarding the changes to their State Pension

25. Supported efforts to raise the minimum wage for apprentices and young people under 25

26. Introduced a comprehensive banking bill at House of Commons to ensure customers are not left without basic financial services due to bank closures

27. Called for continued funding for the Ceredigion Parent and Carers Forum

28. Pressed successfully on Barclays to reverse a decision to prevent customers withdrawing money from the Post Office network

29. Supported RAY Ceredigion in its efforts to secure funding for family centre tackling social isolation

30. Backed efforts to scrap the time qualification on benefits for people that are terminally ill

31. Spoke in the Chamber, criticising the scrapping of free TV licenses for over-75s

32. Opposed the roll-out of the unfair Universal Credit system – and sought assurances from the UK Government on the proposed Winter roll-out

33. Opposed split Universal Credit payments in Parliament

34. Held a Universal Credit drop-in surgery to provide advice and support for constituents

35. Opposed further cuts to legal aid

36. Consistently voted for laws to promote equality and human rights

37. Written thousands of letters in support of hundreds of constituents

38. Held regular advice surgeries in every corner of the county – meeting constituents and discussing the issues affecting them

39. Met with a range of groups and Ministers to support calls to appoint a regulator to protect access to cash to combat bank branch and cashpoint closures

40. Supported Global Citizens’ campaign looking to broaden the support among young people for the elimination of extreme poverty by 2030

41. Initiated discussions on establishing an All-Party Parliament Group on services in rural areas

42. Supported calls for the UK Government to ensure that the War Disablement Pension is exempt from income assessments and that veterans receive its full value

43. Appointed Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Upland Farming – frequently meeting representatives from Farmers’ Unions, and partaking in many farm visits to better gauge concerns

44. Called for greater powers to the Financial Conduct Authority to help tackle unscrupulous activities of Pay-day loan companies

45. Spoke out at Westminster calling on the UK Government to take greater consideration of mental health conditions in assessments for PIP and ESA

46. Supported efforts to scrap the wage banding in the National Living Wage – promoting fair pay for those under the age of 25

47. Challenged the UK Government on their proposals to change probate fees


48. Urged the Welsh Health Minister to recruit more NHS dentists to tackle dental crisis in Ceredigion

49. Called for increased provision for NHS eyecare services to address long waiting times

50. Contributed to FUW seminar on the impact of Bovine TB on farmers’ mental health

51. Supported Area 43 in its efforts to launch a free online counselling for young people in Ceredigion

52. Appointed Vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Genetic Haemochromatosis

53. Supported National School Sport Week to highlight the important role of Physical Education and school sport in education

54. Spoke out in support of efforts to expand availability of drugs such as Orkambi to help treat Cystic Fibrosis & supported efforts calling for legalisation of medical cannabis

55. Supported steps to safeguard the rights of EU citizens working in our NHS

56. Voted against privatisation of our NHS and opposed efforts of it being sold off to Donald Trump’s USA

57. Called for increased mental health support in schools, colleges and universities across Wales

58. Supported Starlings Aberystwyth in its efforts to secure funding for Wheel Together, a community cycling project

59. Called on the UK and Welsh Government to place a greater emphasis on mental health awareness within the school curriculum

60. Appointed Secretary to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Premature and Sick Babies, and called for greater rights and support for parents of premature babies

61. Called for adequate funding for biomedical research into ME and clinical care for those suffering from the disease

62. Became a Bowel Cancer Champion to lead the change in Parliament for people affected by the disease

63. Called for standardised national guidelines for the diagnosis of haemochromatosis to improve the rate of diagnosis for patients

64. Supported efforts to safeguard and enhance social care locally – and opposing the closure of Bodlondeb


65. Appointed Vice-Chair of the Universities All-Party Parliamentary Group that examines issues affecting the country’s university sector and university research

66. Secured financial commitment from UK Government to fund teachers’ pay increase in Wales

67. Held and supported meetings with pupils, parents and teachers regarding fairer funding for schools

68. Ensured funding for teachers’ pensions – helping secure financial concessions and allowing schools to continue to teach

69. Supported Parliamentary efforts in support of Erasmus+ scheme in UK Universities

70. Member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science and Technology in Agriculture

71. Made 42 primary and secondary school visits to discuss politics, Westminster and democracy with pupils

72. Appointed Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Democratic Participation


73. Tabled an Early Day Motion supporting the efforts of communities to ban the use of single-use plastics

74. Urged the UK Government to commit to greater investment in low-carbon innovation as part of the clean growth strategy

75. Helped ensure a UK Government U-turn on proposed oil exploration plans in Cardigan Bay

76. Facilitated and supported local community litter picks

77. Supported the Parliamentary declaration of a climate emergency

78. Challenged both Welsh & UK Governments for more ambitious targets to address air & water pollution

79. Opposed the end of Feed-in tariff support for Solar Energy from 31st March 2019

80. Opposed fracking – calling on the UK Government to adopt stronger guidelines to monitor the industry

81. Opposed Government plans to raise the level of VAT on renewable energy installations including solar from 5% to 20% from October 1st

82. Challenged the UK Government regarding concerns surrounding the roll-out of 5G technology

83. Met with Network Rail to consider planting trees to replace the loss of biodiversity resulting from its lineside tree felling programme

84. Nominated as Parliamentary Plastic Champion – championing plastic-free policy in Westminster

85. Urged the UK Government to urge them to consider proceeding with tidal lagoon projects in Wales in order to decarbonise our energy supply and secure green jobs

86. Called on the Welsh Government to place a greater emphasis on climate change and the environment within the school curriculum

87. Led on a motion to introduce a tax on plastics to cover the cost of recycling

88. Wrote to the UK Government Minister to suggest the introduction of a 1p levy to combat 'Fast Fashion'


89. Supported the Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign by raising concerns during Prime Minister’s Questions, tabling an Early Day Motion, and meeting with RNLI representatives and the Department for Transport

90. Met with the Maritime Minister to raise concerns about Ceredigion’s coastguard services

91. Called for increased funding and resources for police forces to tackle spike in rural crime

92. Asked the Minister for Policing to urgently review the police funding formula to better reflect rural needs

93. Supported calls for the UK Government to review driving offences and penalties to help further promote the safety of road users

94. Opposed UK Government plans to double the lower limit for Small Claims for victims of workplace accidents – calling for greater measures to ensure the safety of workers in the workplace

95. Liaised closely with Ceredigion County Council, Welsh Government and Dyfed-Powys Police to implement greater enforcement of speeding measures along roads across Ceredigion

96. Worked alongside residents and campaigners to help promote and support efforts to install suitable pavements along the A487 in villages such as Dole, Eglwysfach and Ffwrnais

97. Supported legislation calling Government to act on upskirting

98. Pledged to bring forward new legislation which will criminalise dog owners whose animals attack livestock and will provide a mechanism for compensation for farmers

99. Wrote to the UK Government supporting a Guide Dogs campaign to end inconsiderate pavement parking

100. Called on the UK Government to introduce mandatory disability equality training to help all minicab and taxi drivers understand how to provide the correct service for disabled passengers

101. Supported the Police and Crime Commissioner’s reintroduction of CCTV cameras in towns across Ceredigion


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